Friday, November 19, 2010

House progress, etc.

Wesley and Joseph are gone to buy the pipes for the wood burning stove, as it's finally turned chilly enough to need it! So William and I are hanging out, blogging and doing laundry.
The Lord has been so faithful to provide work for Wesley in this economy, and has really blessed our work on the house the last few months.
Adeline was a dear and let us borrow the camera the other day so we could get these:) Thanks sweetie!
Hope y'all enjoy them.

~Rachel Lea

Here's the front room. We're so excited to be able to use it now!

One of our next projects is laying the tile for the hearth.

The furniture is pretty much all temporary but it works great for now:)

We spent a whole week working on the trim for the front door! Scraping, burning and sanding the old layers of paint off, repairing some broken parts, and then caulking and painting it. It came out of an old bank.

We LOVE our piano!! Hearing Wesley play reminds of before we got married. He has such a neat style!

The middle room, which still needs allot of work.

Wesley laid most of the tile last week. He did such a great job didn't he? The stove used to be up on the Morton's third floor when they first moved out here. We're going to sand the rust off and blacken it.

Joey showing off his new bike.

Joe man.

Yes, there are a whole bunch of pictures of my kids. I'm a mom, humor me. ;)

My little cherry.

I tried to get a good one of both of them. 'Good' meaning where they both sit still, smile, look at the camera, don't pick their nose, oh wait, scratch that last thing. My kids would NEVER do that;) Anyways, this is as close as I got, and it ended up looking more like a wanted poster. Here it is nonetheless.

Playing in the dead grass. Oh, I mean in the front yard. ;)
As you can see, little munchie man started walking now.

One of the Morton's gardens which is across the lane from our house.

William posing for a "farmy" picture.

And Joey's turn. (As you can see we're really pushing the idea that we are "farmer people")

And since I didn't get Adeline's camera back to her when I meant to, here are some ham shots from the next day. I couldn't just let a super nice camera just sit there unused could I?

William inquiring as to the whereabouts of his un-photogenic toy.

Gotta love that smile!

Drafting Uncle Tom for a quick shot.

We are now excepting donations for our up-and-coming children's shop 'Morton Consignments'.

I love baby clothes!

The girls section is definitely wanting.

The shoe section isn't though. This is only part of it.

One of our favorite items. Makes you want to have a girl doesn't it?

Anyways that's the latest here at the JW homeplace. Hope everyone is having a delightful winter!

~Rachel Lea

Monday, October 11, 2010

Finishing the floors

Wesley, sanding the floors in the front, and middle rooms.

My darling.

A super cheesy self portrait.

William samples the saw dust.

Dad and Mom Morton stopping by to take a look see.

Father and son.

Willie man unloading our sand paper for us.

Wesley worked almost non stop on it all say Saturday!

Cuties latest entertainment, pushing the stroller all over the yard.

Cutie himself.

With the first coat of polyurethane on.

One of our next projects is the mantle.

And no, that's not where the piano goes!

Hubby's latest find. (The motorcycle, not the window;)
He picked this one up for 50 smackers, put 30 into it and it runs like a top!
Such a smart guy:)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trip to the Campana's

Gracia, trying to divert our attention from the stolen necklace. ;)

Joey hanging with Gabs.

The afore mentioned article. (Willie's? Clevelands?)

"I didn't take it, I promise!"

Agent Mimi.

Coming soon...

Alyssa observing the madness.

A participator in the madness.

Hanging out at the grove on Saturday. Gotta love that house!

Wesley and Nick,
apparently breaking into a window.

Sir Frank lounging upon his hammock.


And just plain cuteness!

Miss Gabs.

Check out those teeth!

"Pleeeeeeaaase, just one piece of gum!"

Franko trying out his "suave look".

And Gracia trying out the pirate look.
(I was actually VERY careful with all of the equipment for your camera Adeline;)

"How much longer do I have to keep smiling like this?"

Beauty and Cuteness combined.

Working on the interminable process of choosing a stain color.
(Did y'all ever pick one???) ;)

In the end every homeowner does the same thing and disregards everyone's opinion but they're own. Or maybe that's just me;)

Mariah and William, looking quite staged.

I'm not sure if riding that thing is a chore or a game.

Joey with the ever present tractor. He loved that thing!

I don't think Joe was excited about the ear plug thing.

Car seat cuties.

I'm not sure why I like this picture.

The lone explorer in search of lost treasures. I'm not sure what treasures he was in search of, but I'm sure they would have been interesting.

This guy liked the beach even more than his big bro. So much to see, so much sand to eat...

Myself , looking slightly cheesy. Ok, maybe very cheesy.

Charming the masses.

He's awfully good at that isn't he?

The lovely Lisa.
Aunt Lisa that is.

Mariah, slaving in the kitchen while the others watch a movie.

The lazy movie watchers.

The lovely Alyssa.
You can't have too many lovely ladies in a house.

A lovely bed & breakfast Uncle Frank and Aunt Lisa sent us to.
We had such a grand time there!

The parlor, and a handsome dude on the couch.

Me and the handsome dude.

That guy can make any picture look good.

Wesley and Miss Beth, the fascinating house keeper.

Pretty self explanatory, but for those that must have a caption: Playing Chess.

We loved our room!

Such a cool couch.

Yes it's usually odd to post pictures of bathrooms, but it was such a nice jacuzzi!

Pineapple boats, quiche and cappuccino muffins.

The breakfast was fabulous despite my goofy expression.

The many faces of our cutie pie.

"Hey, my man, what's up?"

Too funny!

And our Willie man, sleeping on the way home.
Thank you Campana Family for a wonderful vacation!!

~Rachel Lea