Thursday, October 6, 2011

Exciting times!

Allot has been going on around here so we decided it was high time to update our blog. So the kiddies and I went three doors down to the Morton's to borrow Adeline's camera:)

We found Mom M. and Martha in the kitchen.

And the Morton's front porch is a great place to take pictures:)

It's hard to believe I have a three year old now! Time flies doesn't it?!

Check out that cheesy grin. :)

Then we hopped over to Cleve and Lise's apartment to see the progress.

Don't you love the bricks!

Adeline was downstairs working on bridesmaids outfits.

Lise, working on painting the bedroom. It's been so much fun having her next door all week!

Definitely not a dull bathroom! :)
I think they are going to get a different vanity.

I love the arches!

They are redoing the kitchen cabinets and putting a dishwasher in.

Lise is working so hard on all the painting. It's so exciting to see everything coming together!

Then we went next door to see Kressant. She's always doing something interesting and industrious:)

All the different soaps she's been making for the upcoming farm tour.

Cousin time:)

Some of the paint colors Michael and Kressant are thinking of putting in they're new house.

The little princess.

The Morton's organic farming is doing well!

The kids love their cousins play gym!

The fluffy one.

I think this is the most photogenic kid I have ever taken a picture of! He always looks so suave.

My Joe man.

This picture captures William's personality so well I think.

And we finally made it back to our house. We're so excited about how the color is turning out!

Wesley got the black tile put in, and somewhere on the (somewhat long) list of priorities is to decorate the mantle.

William gabbing with one of his friends on his trusty cell phone. ;)

I was ridiculously pleased with how my piano runner turned out:)

The chair we just got off craigslist. I love that site!

He really thinks that broken cd remote is a cell phone. He loves it!

One of the roses they sent home with us from Cleveland and Lise's wedding shower.

Me and the bebe. I'll be four months along this weekend. I'm feeling great and we are so grateful to the Lord for the many gifts he has given us!

~Rachel Lea