Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our new van!

We have been looking at buying a van for some time, and after lots of prayer, allot of Craigslist, AutoTrader, and Cars.com searching, I am very very pleased to present the newest member of our family: T&C!! We had been looking at getting a Honda Odyssey, but some mechanic friends of Wesley's recommended that we get a Town and Country, and we looked into them and just loved the nice looks and smooth ride. And the roomy interior:) We just love it! My husband is soo sweet to me!!

Those eyes just melt my heart!

The kids love the new ride despite William's uninterested stare.

This is SO William! I love his grin!

And because Mikey was over playing with Joey's "new" train set while I had Adeline's camera borrowed, I had to have a picture of his hilarious little self! This kid has so much personality!

The aforementioned train set.

Joey was so pleased to find that he could see himself in the lens.

William can usually be found carting whatever little treasures he has managed to find (rocks, dirt, toys, trash;) around in his truck. Wesley laughs so hard when he sees Williams little legs running just as fast as they'll take him pushing his truck. I love Wesley's laugh:-)

And when I downloaded my pictures off the camera, I found this super cute picture of my little heart throb that Adeline had taken, and I just had to post it! Sorry Adeline:-)

And I stole this one too while I was at it.

Well that's all. I am having a lovely day getting my house just perfect so I'll be ready when Kressant's baby is born, hopefully very soon:-) I love the excitement that comes with a new baby!! All the family comes, there's junk food and card games and late night visiting with all the family from out of town, cooing over and waiting your turn to hold the sweet new little one!! I've been missing Dorothy so much lately, and can't wait to see her when she and Noah come to see the new little one! And the Smith's too! I love my family:-)

The Lord has been so good to us lately! We are so grateful that Wesley has had steady work for the last few months. And I just can't thank the Lord enough for my new van!!!
We miss our little Timothy. It will be so wonderful to see him when we move on to our next life.
We are learning to trust the Lord, and praying for another baby when He sees fit to give us one. Wesley's Mom was encouraging me yesterday to be persistent in prayer. The Lord wants us to seek Him. I love reading about Hannah, Sarah, Rachel and all the other ladies who asked God to give them children, and how He heard their prayers! God gives good gifts to His children!!!

We are taking a break from working on the house, and are hoping to get the yard looking nice and build Wesley a shop for all his tools and things. Every guy needs a shop don't they?! Other than that we are just enjoying life, cherishing the time we have with Wesley as he is working allot these days, and trying to train our children in accordance with The Word. I love being with my kids all day! I would be so lonely without them.

Signing out,