Friday, July 15, 2011

Our internet has been down for some time, hence the absence of posts. Ok, maybe I would have been too lazy to post even if it hadn't been down, but it's nice to have an excuse anyways.
I'm supposed to be washing dishes but this is more important. Right? ;)
Life is full and busy around here! We are working on painting our house, and bit by bit it's getting done. The kids tend to have paint on their clothes these days. I'll have to take some pictures when I get a chance. Of the house I mean. Though maybe I should get some pix of them in their painted clothes too. Maybe we'll start a new fad! ;)
Adeline took a few pictures of us down in the woods a few weeks ago, so here are some of my favorites...

I love Joey's smile:)

This is our new favorite photo op spot.
(On the Morton's blog there are some pix of all the grand kids here.)

My little goober buns.

And my hot dude. He 'da man!

Wow, my kids look calm, quiet and laid back. Bahahahaha!

Our lovely photographer. This girl has more charm and poise in her little finger than most people do in their whole body!

Yes, this is the last one actually. Go ahead and laugh at me for putting so many almost identical pictures on my blog. You would too if you had such a handsome hubby and such cute kids. ;)
I'll post pictures of the house soon. Er, umm, yeah, maybe in a few weeks... months..."when I get around to it."