Thursday, August 23, 2012

Morton Family 2012

The whole family.

All the kids, oldest to youngest.

5 down, 7 to go!  ;)

This captures everyone's personalities so well I think!


In 13 grandchildren there are only 4 girls!  Can't wait to see if Lise has a boy or a girl!  We should know here in a few weeks:)

13 grandchildren in 6 years!  What a blessing!!

Too cute aren't they?!!


  1. Those are such great pics!
    We miss and Love ya'll!

    Mariah Gracia and Gabby

  2. We miss y'all too girls! I hope you are coming up the first week of October for that conference. It's been way too long since we've seen you!!

  3. Too cute! I didn't realize Kressant was due again! How exciting!


  4. Awe... I love this post. Haven't seen these pictures. Loved the one with the grandparents and grandchildren! Loved them all.
    Some of these made me laugh!
    Thanks for sharing.. I enjoyed it!
    Love daisy